NCS ATLAS 1950 Original

A reference binder with 1,950 non-removable color samples, which includes an explanation of the NCS System.  It allows one to navigate quickly between different color areas and gives a good overview of how the colors are related to each other according to the logic of the NCS system and the relationship between color and light. 


  • Binder Size:  13”W X 12 3/8”L X 1 ¾”D
  • Sample size: 5/8” X 5/8”
  • 42 pages: Color Circle, Neutral/Tinted Grays, plus 40 Hue Triangles 
  • Color mask to make it easy to assess and choose colors
  • Similarity masks (6) to create color combinations
  • Specified lightness and light reflectance values


SKU: Atlas